Monday, June 10, 2013

Anyone an avid baker?

I love baking and most of my recipe call for baking powder but did you know most of them contain aluminum? Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's and other health problems so you may want to consider ditching your old baking powder. I found an aluminum free kind at whole foods its about the same cost as the normal kind.

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  1. hmm good to know! I have actually started a journey of going Vegan. Im starting off Vegetarian where im not eating meat, and I've been off of "Milk" for many many yrs now because im lactose intolerant so I drink almond milk but, I only eat veggies, fruit, protein shakes, Etc. I still have eggs every blue moon but im staying off of the meat. Im tryin it for 30 days to see if this is something that I can live. and I am trying to of course eat a lot healthier and know what is good to use and what isn't good. I like to cook and try new things. I get a lot of recipes from pinterest. although one thing I haven't tried yet is vegan baking but I want to just haven't yet.